Kicking Butt and Staying Motivated in Life

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Just a short Monday post to keep you inspired. Firstly, thank you to all my new followers and those of you who keep it interesting with your comments! 😉 I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘power’ recently. Not in the ‘success’ or ‘world domination’ sense, but in a personal capacity. We tend to let people, jobs, family or life in general take power away from us. We get stuck in routine. Stuck in limbo with a vague memory of creativity. We let life shit all over us (excuse my un-ladylike description). I just wanted to remind everyone that we are ALL going to have to relinquish power at the end of our lives (Lady Death will surely make it an easy transition though), but right now we have power running through our veins. So if you’re sitting there, sipping on your coffee and thinking about the meaning of life and how fragile we essentially are. Don’t! We can refuel and make the most of what we have at any given moment. Whatever your age, or gender or race…whatever your current circumstances…find that little spark hiding inside you and go give ’em hell.


A special note to all the women reading my blog. I think it’s really important that you learn to rely on yourselves. So whilst kindling and nurturing that inner power of yours, please make an extra effort to find your physical power. It’s no secret that I live in a very dangerous country (I’ve mentioned it on many occasions) and I’ve discovered that self-defense can go a long way in making you feel safer, less victimized and…powerful. Wherever you go in the world, whatever situation you find yourself in, it’s good to be able to take care of yourself. So find your nearest martial arts class or go for a self-defense workshop. It will work wonders for establishing your sense of identity in a world that often seems like it’s caving in on itself.

Here’s some badass inspiration…and she just happens to be South African like me 😉

Till my next post…may the force be with you!

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There is Magic in My Bones

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Do you feel that?

That’s ancient power running through my veins.

Do you hear that?

That’s poetry in motion

in time with the universe.

Do you see that?

Those are eyes where eyes should be

a mouth where a mouth has always been,

and a heart that will beat

like a drum against the moonlight.

There are spirits calling your name.

One by one

they have plans for you.


I wrap the earth around my skin

there is magic in my bones.



my own path.


Tomorrow : A Short Poem

janaina medeiros
Art by Janaina Medeiros on Pinterest


I will be strong

I will be magical

I will be hanging on the edge of every woman’s breath.


You are tall

You are blameless – always so blameless –

But watch as you fall into a pit of nothingness.

There is love in the coldest parts of me.

And that is enough

to find my sunshine.

Your Bigotry Makes Me Stronger.

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” —Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

Today I was pushed to write this. I grew up in South Africa and watched the seeds of change flourish whilst multiculturalism spread its arms around every skin color we gave birth to. It was a truly unique and precious gift. But somewhere along the way things went horribly wrong. Nelson Mandela fought for peace and freedom. Not for one race, but all races. Color was inconsequential. As it should be. If you punch me in the face, it hurts. If you cut me with your blade, I bleed. My color, your color…makes no difference to the fact that we bleed the same, we need the same things to survive and we all die at some point. The color of my skin does not grant me special preference when Death bows her tresses over me. The color of my skin does not make me superior to you. It does not make me cooler than you. It does not grant permission to ridicule and strip away someone’s dignity.Seems like common sense, right? And yet…I am watching everything Mandela fought so hard for crumble in front of my eyes.

Why do you cling to your bigotry? Why do you think it’s fine to laugh in the face of someone whose culture is different from yours? Why do you sit there, men and women of a supposedly educated and advanced society, and hurl insults at your fellow human beings? Does that make you more powerful? Does skin color dictate the elite from the unworthy? Do I dare give you the satisfaction of naming my worth???


You do not define me.You have made me angry,yes. But, you do not have a say in my happiness. And you do not get to dampen my night or the night of my family or friends. You…that ugly face that smirks at people you think are beneath you. You…that filth that stains the minds of a brighter future. People are not born with hate. You…paint them that way. You paint the brown, the white, the black and the colored. You…nothing but fear, insecurity and ignorance. Childish tantrums and spilled milk.  I could fight you with my fists. I could let my curses fall out of my mouth as you tell me to fuck off because my skin has no place sitting near yours. I could learn to hate, just like you. But I do not want to be anything like you. I am not y-o-u.

So I will pick up my books, and enrich my mind and soul while you

breathe and

breed and


your arrogant discrimination. You and your friends took my special evening and vomited all over it. But I am not weak. I am not made of sour words and fickle thoughts.

I am made of lions and sunsets.