What Every Woman Can Learn From My Favorite Villain

” The myth, the legend…the baddest bitch of all…” Kai, The Vampire Diaries S08

On Of Tales & Dreams, we love exploring characters from different narratives. Antagonists are just as important as protagonists. They offer a mirror in which you can see your weaknesses and propel you towards change. For me, it’s been one of those delightful weeks full of realizations, magic and a return to the root of my identity. It reminded me of a certain misunderstood doppelgänger.


I’ve decided to take a plunge into the Katherine Pierce handbook and remind women of how beautiful life can be when there’s nothing to fear, and no one to stop you from being the most badass version of yourself. #majorfemalesolidarity

Art by Brian M. Viveros.

Some history first. I’ve been a fan of The Vampire Diaries since it first aired in my part of the world back in 2010. One of my best friends reminded me, the other day, how ridiculous I used to be, rushing like a madwoman (jumping over any obstacle in my way) to cross out my Monday nights on our work roster. This was before we had the wonder of a TV series at our fingertips, when I had to painstakingly wait through the week for another episode. The show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it definitely can’t compare to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it has significance for me. I’m going to ignore the coincidence of how I manage to get involved with guys who just happen to have names from the series. I was super sad when the final season was announced last year and yet… I totally ‘called it’ – Is Katherine Pierce TVD’s Final Big Bad in Season 8? – that our favorite little kitty kat would make her comeback.

Katerina Petrova ( better known as Katherine Pierce) is hands down one of my favorite villains. She’s got sass, a wardrobe to die for and, my favorite thing about her, she’s a survivor. One could argue that she’s a manipulative beeyatch that readily throws people under the bus as soon as they cease to have any worth to her… I say if someone’s gonna get on your bad side then they should brace themselves for more than just a bus.


Kat’s character has a lot to teach today’s women. You’re not worthless. You don’t have to be someone’s side order. You are strong, independent and capable of achieving anything you put your mind to. It’s OK to have villainesque qualities as long  as you are aware that your heroic ones ultimately mean more. The villainous aspects…well, that’s your survival instincts kicking in. We may not all walk around snapping necks like The Vampire Diaries every time someone pisses us off (in the real world they don’t come back to life after you’ve had time to forgive the transgression), but we can do it metaphorically by being honest. Once you’re honest, everything starts to make a whole lotta sense. And you can start from a better place, one you’re more comfortable with. And that…equals freedom. How I love the taste of freedom.


So here’s some Katherine Pierce advice to brighten up your day with blood and cuteness. You can’t always be a villain out there…but you can learn a thing or two from them. 😉

  1. The answer to whatever life throws at you is always : game on.


2. Know how to make an entrance.


3. There’s always time for cat and mouse games in life, kittykat.


4. But people should know to take you seriously…


5. Always be an honest bitch. The truth can be therapeutic.


6. Know your worth, darling.


7. When you finally find out the truth concerning a duplicitous beau…


8. When people turn out to be just like the rest, resist the urge to ‘comment them to murder’.


Have a drink, shake it off and plan your next adventure instead. Kats have nine lives after all.


9. You CANNOT be badass without dressing the part. Never underestimate a villainous wardrobe. Stick to your yoga regime, feel flawless and flaunt that kittenish sass.


10. Never stop being passionate – maybe just tame that urge to cause bodily harm when people are unnecessarily critical of you.


11. And lastly, if they’re going to drag you to hell,


sweetheart, put on your tiara and wrap the Underworld around your little finger.



Do you have a favorite villain that takes you to your happy place? Keep me posted 😉