Spreading the Gaiman Love and Creating Deep Friendships Through Words.

My weird obsession with Neil Gaiman became public knowledge ever since I started this blog in 2016. I’m currently on a major ‘life cleanse’ but had to share this post today. One of my first followers, who would soon become a very special burst of stardust to me, was RHAPSODYBOHÈME . I truly feel that some friendships have been pre-carved somewhere out there in space, waiting for you to find each other. Her blog is truly inspirational and her deep love of nature reminds me that warrior women of the earth still exist. On my worst days, I look at the photographs she shares and it fuels the dreams I’ve set for myself in the past two years. It reminds me that however beautiful my present may be, my future is going to be dazzling with more magic and beauty. She often has to read my posts about Neil Gaiman (NOT Neil Diamond,lol) and so she decided to take a chance with one of my book recommendations, The Graveyard Book. I am honored that she has done so and hope she discovers something of herself in the pages of one of my most cherished book favorites. Reading is bewitching and beguiling. And to share that gift with special people…that is irreplaceable. Please read her blog…follow her, comment…she’s used to people like me being creepy, so she really won’t mind! 🙂

Original art by RHAPSODYBOHÈME

I heard that reading is to the brain what exercise is to the body. Well, if that is truly the case, then I have exercised my brain for a long time indeed. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it already, it’s no secret that I love books and I developed a passion early on for […]

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Seven Things All Bookworms Are Guilty Of

You know that moment when you make a realization that completely sets you apart from the majority of people living in the sane portion of the world? That moment when you step back and say to yourself “I’m super glad it’s only my stuffed unicorn that’s here to witness my absurdity”. Bookworms get these moments ALL the time. We’re mentally incapable of restructuring ourselves to act in any other way. Because the allure of a book, the seductiveness involved in reading one…these things keep us perpetually floating on our oddball cloud. I’ve put together seven undeniable things we bookworms are guilty of. Let’s not pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. *insert raised eyebrow

  1. That social feeling other people get when they walk into a crowded club full of hot men and women, is the same feeling of potential you get when you walk into a bookstore. All those books…all those words…I’ll buy myself my own drink thank you and sit in a corner with my new friend, I mean book.
  2. You smell your books. It’s totally ok! Smelling is an ancient tradition in the animal kingdom and it’s how you categorize friend from foe, who you’ll play with and who you’ll eat. So smelling a book is a totally legit way to welcome your book into your safe space.
  3. Buying books when you have no money in your bank account, in no way indicates problematic behavior. It means you have a  healthy optimism that money will soon magically appear to keep the credit card hounds at bay. That’s faith right there! Right?
  4. When you see those little book worms on the pages of your old books, you say “hello there old friend!” instead of running for the hills like your non book-loving mates.
  5. When someone eventually twists your arm to lend them one of your prized possessions (that can be said for all your books by the way), you imagine all sorts of creative serial killer ways to end them if they spill anything on it or ,god forbid, lose it.
  6. You have more books than friends. And I’m talking about real life friends, not your imaginary ones. Because if we had to include Elizabeth Bennet and Michael Valentine Smith (among others), things could start getting out of hand.
  7. Your understanding of time borders on science fictional remarkable. Ten hours in a bookstore can seem like a mere five minutes. One minute of someone interrupting your reading time can stretch for lives. I’m talking Koopa Troopa cheat bouncing lives. And I’m pretty sure studies are being done on the bookworm’s ability to extend their natural lives through reading too. We are indeed a special breed.

Seven ways… doesn’t even seem enough to list our endless quirks but that’s still seven points you can bring up in conversation with humans to prove how advantageous you are to planet earth. Although…human conversation, what’s that?