Paula Bonet


Paula Bonet studied in Valencia, New York, Santiaga de Chile and Urbino.

She uses pencil sketches intermixed with splashes of watercolour and India ink to create art that reflects a delicate balance of humour and nostalgia. As an artist myself, who is constantly seeking visual inspiration, seeing Paula Bonet’s intensity and passion that shines through each line drawn, does something remarkable to me. It reawakens my urge to create and make my world more beautiful. It causes a power surge in the imagination and recaptures artistic vitality. This fiery Spaniard reminds me of the importance of making spaces in and around you into an extension of your imagination or heart.

“Amor. Una aventura sin seguro a todo riesgo donde. Seguro, hay que arriesgarlo todo.”


Paula takes on commission work and has transformed shop and restaurant spaces with her unusual illustrations. She also does illustrations for books and other surfaces. She has a love of wall art that brings a stark sense of realism and magic to any room. She enjoys interweaving animals into some of her portraits, which leads to an extension of the person she is drawing: animal and human blend, reminding us that we all have an animalistic side to us (tame or wild).

I’m a sucker for melancholy, which seems to be one of many themes Bonet uses in her work. Her work is provocative and sensually vulnerable at the same time. Bonet is skilled at creating interesting and eerie juxtapostioning of feelings and emotions. Not only has she mastered the art of drawing the human body (her own being the most widely used in her work) but she has perfected hair in such a way as to give her pictures more life and more movement. I am, like so many others I am finding online, in awe of this woman’s work. She touches a place in your soul that perhaps was long forgotten in childhood, and forces you to playfully question how you can enhance and recapture your visual and mental space.


Visit or her Facebook page Paula Bonet Illustration or catch her on @paulabonet (Instagram) to see more of what she does…trust me you’ll be inspired!

All images used belong to Paula Bonet Illustrations.

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