Neil Gaiman

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If you’ve never read a Neil Gaiman book, then all I can say is, you haven’t lived a full life. Neil Gaiman entered my life by chance, or perhaps fate, but whatever the case I’m glad his book was the one I accidentally pulled off a bookshelf many moons ago. What he offers readers cannot be compared to anything less than modern day magic and a belief in a better world. You feel like you’re sitting at the bottom of your garden and listening to a mad sprite…he has that oral storytelling vibe to his novels. I’ve seen his books classified as Science Fiction in some stores, Fantasy in others, and plain ol’ Fiction to the non-believers. But if I owned a bookstore (oh, if dreams came true) I would create a whole new section for Neil Gaiman. Why? Because you can’t really ever put your finger on him or his stories. It would be called ‘Wonderfully Weird’ because that’s precisely what you get with someone like him. He’s odd in a comforting and adventurous sort of way. His tales are truths wrapped in stardust (no pun intended). What he brings to this world is originality. Something sorely lacking among the masses. What he achieves through words is a newfound sense of wonder. So I’ll continue to pick up my sword every time I read a Neil Gaiman book…because there’ll be monsters to slay and little personal victories to hail.

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