Spreading the Gaiman Love and Creating Deep Friendships Through Words.

My weird obsession with Neil Gaiman became public knowledge ever since I started this blog in 2016. I’m currently on a major ‘life cleanse’ but had to share this post today. One of my first followers, who would soon become a very special burst of stardust to me, was RHAPSODYBOHÈME . I truly feel that some friendships have been pre-carved somewhere out there in space, waiting for you to find each other. Her blog is truly inspirational and her deep love of nature reminds me that warrior women of the earth still exist. On my worst days, I look at the photographs she shares and it fuels the dreams I’ve set for myself in the past two years. It reminds me that however beautiful my present may be, my future is going to be dazzling with more magic and beauty. She often has to read my posts about Neil Gaiman (NOT Neil Diamond,lol) and so she decided to take a chance with one of my book recommendations, The Graveyard Book. I am honored that she has done so and hope she discovers something of herself in the pages of one of my most cherished book favorites. Reading is bewitching and beguiling. And to share that gift with special people…that is irreplaceable. Please read her blog…follow her, comment…she’s used to people like me being creepy, so she really won’t mind! 🙂

Original art by RHAPSODYBOHÈME

I heard that reading is to the brain what exercise is to the body. Well, if that is truly the case, then I have exercised my brain for a long time indeed. Just in case I haven’t mentioned it already, it’s no secret that I love books and I developed a passion early on for […]

via Who….Neil Diamond — RhapsodyBohème

Girl Reading art via Pinterest.


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Kamalini Govender

I'm that girl that looks badass in her black boots reading Gothic Psychoanalytic Lit but really just wants to pew pew pew with someone.

11 thoughts on “Spreading the Gaiman Love and Creating Deep Friendships Through Words.”

  1. Hahaha I hope you do write a paper I. The subject.
    What can say, I haven’t already said. You spoil me with your words of kindness and I’m honored beyond words. You restore my faith in humanity and that kind extraordinary people exist that fight for the very core beliefs that are the foundation of all humanity. I hug you across the miles my beautiful sister and it means the world to me to be r friend.
    Thank you so much for making my day and showering me with your grace. Xoxoxo

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  2. Reblogged this on RhapsodyBohème and commented:

    I recently made a blog post about Kamalini’s passion for Neil Gaiman and today she reblogged my post and has left me humbled and honors with her kind words. Not only am I inspired by her amazing writing talents and skills, the art of storytelling that seems to flow effortlessly from her lips, but she inspires me with a heart so big that stands for human rights, compassion and everything good in this world.
    I had to share her own words with you to give you a deeper insight into her world as I struggle to find the words to even come close to describe this beautiful spirit.
    I hope you stop by and show her some love. People like her are special to our society and make all the difference. People like her deserve the best this world has to offer as we do our best to take care of each other, recognizing and celebrating one person at a time.
    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend….

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    1. I cannot find the words to express how much that means to me. It’s a struggle to move past the things that hurt and that you know you have to let go of in life. I’m starting fresh and going after my dreams…and all those things that I’ve always wanted. Having supportive people like you around means so much to me. Thank you 🙂 Have a fantabulous day honey! 🙂 Pixie dust and smiles!

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      1. I’m proud of you to pursue your dreams I know it’s not always easy as life throws many stumbling blocks into our path. Most give up and submit, while view don’t settle for anything less they deserve. It’s scary out there but the on,y worthwhile.
        You are a strong woman Kamalini and you are an inspiration to many. You always have to remember the ones, weaker who don’t have the courage and who look up to you. I’m sure your warrior heart has helped many more people then you know and you rock my sister. Xo

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      2. I wish people would see that they’re stronger. That anything is possible if you have the right mindset and work towards it. Is it laziness? Is it cynicism? Is it insecurity? What is it that holds people back. Sigh. Anyhoo…I’ve had my wake up call…warrior heart on fire 😉

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