Representing Female Narratives with Things That Go Bump In the Night

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For women to tell their stories, it has often been a hard and critical journey. Whether through poetry, the short story form or screenplays, women have always had to pussyfoot around core issues of hegemony and patriarchal suffocation. I’ve been exploring African female writers recently, and their contribution to empowering women’s voices. Each woman is an ocean of tales. She will let you sit on her island and bring forth the waves with torrential rains or gentle drizzle. Do not attempt to impose your prejudice or your ignorance on her. She will smile sweetly for a while, until she loses her patience with your inability to truly see life or those around you.

When I came across the trailer for The Mummy 2017 – yes I’m one of those weirdos that spends an awful lot of time enjoying movie trailers…


…I was delighted at the portrayal of a strong, unapologetic female antagonist. I’m not a fan of evil in the real world (depending on what time of month you catch me) but I am a big fan of women who look their injustices in the eyes and unleash unimaginable terror when it’s called for. Perhaps I’m just a big fan of Karma. I’m tired of the various forms of masculinity I come across that are incapable of seeing the ways in which they reenact gendered stereotypes. The ones you really have to watch out for are the ones that insist that they love women and that they respect them. Those are the ones that love an idea of a submissive woman, domesticated and sweet that never question their thoughts or actions. They’re the ones that outwardly oppose silly displays of male testosterone but make up for it by mentally playing with females, and ultimately destroying each one that enters their lives. They’re also the ones that have a savior complex and can only feel relevance if they’re ‘saving’ women or ‘mentoring’ them. And the more the merrier. Sad. Often unaware of their treatment of females as mere ‘things’. But true. And ever pervasive. So when I see that a horror movie is allowing an oppressed female the chance to get her revenge on types like these that fill the pockets of society- I’m going to silently chuckle.Or loudly cackle. Karma karma karma. Movie narratives are starting to explore the female psyche in deeply provocative and terrifying ways- and I’m ok with that. Of course these are exaggerated extensions of the darker aspects of most human beings, but sometimes stories need to be told from these places of pain and fright. The Gothic in narratives can be a mobilizing force. It can offer a way for the light to intrude and heal those aspects of oneself or society that can often go unnoticed.

Whilst the movie is only set for release in June (I think) the trailer sparks interesting conversations on female roles, the dangers of ambition and greed… and that topic no one quite likes to go near – revenge.


Revenge is frowned upon. If there are any young readers reading my blog, never turn to the dark side. Unless you like wearing full black and were pushed.

Truth be told, I maaaaaay (that’s a yes) be rooting for the Princess when I finally get to watch the movie. Patriarchy could do with a good dose of the heebie-jeebies sometimes. Enjoy the trailer below! I’m off for the Easter vacation to explore the ocean, exquisite coffee and search for some magic…maybe in a stranger’s eyes (who won’t awaken centuries of suppression). Or maybe I’ll just let the creepy-crawly shadows reveal my inner voice…bump…bump…bump. Your thoughts and comments are as welcome as ever. Conversation and differing opinions are how we learn in life 😉 Ciao ciao!

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8 thoughts on “Representing Female Narratives with Things That Go Bump In the Night”

  1. Well, that’s some powerful trailer indeed!
    Revenge is indeed a theme that’s usually frowned upon, yet there are many stories – in books and on the screen – dealing with revenge, and sometimes they feel like a guilty pleasure, but in the end it’s a form of catharsis for the big and small hurdles we have to face every day. People, by and large, don’t embark on vengeance quests, but seeing a good revenge plan carried out, or reading about it, can give us the vicarious satisfaction that our moral restraints keep us from carrying out. In other words, revenge by proxy… 😀

    Enjoy your vacation!!!!!

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    1. That’s a perfect way to explain horror and revenge in movies and books – as ‘a guilty pleasure’. It allows one to process negative thoughts in a healthy manner! Revenge by proxy indeed…unless one has supernatural powers and there’s an unlucky fellow involved :p

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  2. OMG behind the powerful message of this and agreeing a 100% I can’t wait to see this now. I won’t be surprised to find myself routing right besides you as I believe in Karma big time. It’s not up to us to retaliate, as Karma always has a plan and I have actually found myself feeling very sad and compassionate for a few people in my past. For if it true and Karma takes care of your actions, some people will have hell to pay. It helps me to forgive them for what they do to me and I continue to reach out and lend a hand.
    Hey, I’m glad you got away for Easter and here is wishing you much fun, intriguing moment and maybe unexpected love in the eyes of a beautiful stranger. Moondust and sparkles sis….

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    1. I must have breathed in your magic sparkle quite deeply 🙂 I hope the movie is not a major let down. It has the right ingredients to be awesome- and they’ve done some unusually interesting stunt scenes for it too. Karma certainly knows when to reveal herself. It frustrates me that some people are so careless with the hearts, minds and bodies of others. But 2017 is a different sort of year for me- one of awakening…and a whole lotta power 😉 Thinking of you my gorgeous friend. I’m on a deep life cleanse and I’m taking major tips from you 🙂

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      1. I’m so glad you got to go away and nourish your beautiful soul. I know what you mean as far as the awakening and questioning everything as we forge our own path. One in line with our higher self vs with what society expects of us. You go my beautiful warrior, you are on the path of coming home to yourself. Xoxoxo

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      2. I’m seeing the possibilities when you truly decide to close the door on things that have tried to keep you unhappy for a long time. The world has so much out there…and I’m going to drink it all in and grow stronger 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yessss….
        The decision part and figuring it out is the hardest. Once you know what you want and you have made peace with your mind, you will become a force unstoppable in the pursuit of a life that fits your higher being. You go, change and chase those stars ❤

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