Open Your Eyes

The theme for today is ‘sight’. What does it mean to ‘see’? Is it to look? To observe? To notice? To understand?

What do you see when you look around you? The glimmer of a twist of fate? The emptiness of existence? The choice of perception is in your eyes. But there are eyes deep within yourself that need to be opened. So…open them.

“My arm was around her and she was leaning back against me, and we were quite calm. She was looking into my eyes with that way she had of looking that made you wonder whether she really saw out of her own eyes. They would look on and on after every one else’s eyes in the world would have stopped looking. She looked as though there were nothing on earth she would not look at like that, and really she was afraid of so many things…”  Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises


“Good morning, it’s time for you to wake up.” Sofia, Vanilla Sky (alternate ending)


All images via Rebloggy.


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Kamalini Govender

I'm that girl that looks badass in her black boots reading Gothic Psychoanalytic Lit but really just wants to pew pew pew with someone.

4 thoughts on “Open Your Eyes”

  1. So interesting…I watched the movie Arrival last night and this post really fits with the propositions communicated throughout the film. There was also a radio program the other day that interviewed a blind woman who does art and is now able to “see” by a machine which makes vibrations on her tongue. It’s our brains that actually see, that’s how we see images when we dream though our eyes are closed. Intriguing 🤔!

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    1. Our bodies are wonderfully complex…and so are those other less tangible aspects of ourselves 🙂 I haven’t watched Arrival yet, but I’m eager to. I’m fascinated by translation and the way it can be used to overcome problems or prejudice. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having a fantastic evening 🙂

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    1. You’re so right! People tend to live in little bubbles where they assume that they know without actually stopping to ‘see’.Our brains fill in the pictures and often make us believe it is so. But that’s how we miss the little details, the bigger picture in life and the gifts that may have been there the whole time but we were just too blind to take it in. I hope your day is filled with beautiful detail…let me know if you find anything you may have missed before 😉

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