Holding out for Life, Love and Sci-Fi Poems.

Art via Pinterest.

Is there life out there? Is there love out there? Is there anything…out there.In here. Every now and then I stumble across a real gem in my insatiable book-thirst. This one is a science fiction poem called Aniara (1956) written by Swedish Nobel laureate, Harry Martinson.

"But here where we were fated to the course 
dictated by the law of conic section,
here her breakthrough never could become
in any manner fruitful, just a theorem
which Isagel superbly formulated
but which was doomed to join us going out
ever farther to the Lyre and then to vanish.

And as we sat there speaking with each other
about the possibilities that now stood open
if only we weren't sitting here in space
like captives to the void in which we fell,
we both grew sorrowful but kept as well
the joy in pure ideas, the kind of pleasure
which together we could share in quiet
for the time still left to our existence. "  Aniara excerpt, Harry Martinson

Image via Goodreads.

I couldn’t find a Kindle copy in English, but it is available to read online via Scribd. What did we do before the glory of the cyber world??? Recommended with a delicious cup of coffee, ocean views (if you’re lucky enough, like me, to have that luxury!) and this song on my current playlist :

Music video ‘Holding on For Life’ by Broken Bells via brokenbellsVEVO on YouTube.


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