That Girl’s a Genius #nerdygirlprobs

Featured art by Wyn Lacabra on ArtStation.

OK…so I’m running on approximately 4.5 hours of sleep in the last two days and lots of caffeine. No one ever said the life of an academic was going to be easy! But I have my big gurrrl undies on and I’m pretty sure everything is fine (except for when someone talks to me and I’m zoned out mumbling the names of key literary authors in the Transcendentalist movement- fine, totally fine!). I’ve mastered the art of reading a physical book while researching additional ‘ism’ facts on my phone, cross referencing existent authors/texts of said period on laptop and simultaneously verifying aaah yes that is a dactylic hexameter with the trusty iPad.


If you’re suffering from nerd syndrome right now and feeling very much a separate entity from the ‘cool kids’…here’s some musical study inspiration to remind you why we do what we do. Coz they say mantras are supposed to help…right? 😉

” She knows so many pretty boys
they are all the same
They said ‘oh hey there girl tell me what do you do’
She said ‘um nothing but I’m damn sure it’s more than you ” Jet



Published by

Kamalini Govender

I'm that girl that looks badass in her black boots reading Gothic Psychoanalytic Lit but really just wants to pew pew pew with someone.

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