Delayed magic…

A post from a magical cyber friend who is as wise as moonbeams. Reminding me why I want to achieve my goals, and that beauty and kindness are the things we should hold onto when all seems lost.


Have you heard people say that Christmas time is a magical time? Well the holidays have come and gone with nothing more than a distant memory. Until the other day….Just before discovering the wild mustangs that roam freely in the highlands above Reno, I was treated to a little magical holiday reminder. Driving up the windy road en route to Virginia City, a historical old fashioned western town that deserves an entire post of its own, the trip is just a short distance from Reno and is a scenic marvel. A few well placed pull outs offer great views of Mount Rose, the Sierra and the town lying at its feet. Covered in snow, I think it looks even more majestic and grand as usual and there is just something about this pure white blanket covering the landscape. Truly magical, but not necessary Christmas related.

What added to the Christmas…

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Kamalini Govender

I'm that girl that looks badass in her black boots reading Gothic Psychoanalytic Lit but really just wants to pew pew pew with someone.

6 thoughts on “Delayed magic…”

    1. Well said! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve known that magic is everywhere. It may not be spells and enchantments, but it is there. It’s life. It’s nature. It’s the people you love. It’s yourself. Thank you for reading and please do check out my friend’s blog. Her words and photographs can uplift any day.

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      1. I did and followed her

        You are absolutely right
        Magic is one you open your eyes
        You are alive that’s magic

        When the moon beams touch your heart even without your knowing that’s magic

        When the night lifts you and the day drowns you that’s magic

        And I do believe in magic 🙂

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      2. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 People tell me that as I get older I should ‘grow up’ and root myself more in reality. While I respect reality enough, I think I prefer to stay exactly where I am : seeing the world through magical glasses. Have an awesome day and thanks for the chat! 🙂

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  1. Awe thank you so much for reblogging this my sweet friend and thank you everybody for believing in magic and your kind words. The people I have met here on WordPress, the writers and storytellers that have something to share with the world, for whatever reason they feel compelled to do so, have been nothing short of magical and extraordinary.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my humble words. Xoxoxoxo

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