Wonder Women Unite: Success, Inspiration & World Domination.

Sheryl Sandberg offered us the book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead in 2013. As the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and many other accolades clinging to her success belt, what she really was offering us was a way to navigate the workplace and our lives. Since then she has given us Leanin.org (also known as the Lean In Foundation) that strives to inspire and teach women (and men) how to be their most authentic selves when the world says otherwise.

When I stumbled upon the  Lean In website, I admit I was feeling like a ghost ship roaming the sea. Everything is so confounding for me this year and although I’m good at creating glittery glow worms of hope…I was scared. Doubtful if I really have it in me to achieve and be who I really want to. But it takes time, and it takes working at it…if you really want to be someone you can go to bed being proud of. So I started fresh this year (despite the painful decisions I had to make along the way) and I’m hoping through all the blood, sweat and tears…the people that really mean something to me will look back on this tumultuous time and laugh about it (with me) in the future. Transformation is different for different people, and sometimes the only way to truly push yourself to your full potential is by going through the war, shield in hand, sword at side.


So imagine my delight, to find a group of like-minded women dotted all over the world on Lean In. Women who are strong (whether at careers, relationships, life- you name it!) and know (like me) that life is about loving yourself and living each day to its full potential. There are a multitude of ‘circles’ one can join on the website depending on location, organization or interests. The one that particularly spoke to me was Wonder Women Unite (I am a comic geek after all) intended for executives, entrepreneurs and educators. Luckily for me they have an open online membership (which means they’re not location specific). We get to share positive words, success stories and books that make you a little more badass in your life. And the greatest thing about joining this circle of positive females is that no matter where life takes me with my studies (from 2018 and beyond) I’ll have a little cyber place where I can go to where people are supportive and willing to share resources that might add a little extra sprinkle to my cupcake.

The group coordinator, Michele Molitor, was kind enough to give me her book recommendation:  The Confidence Code (2014) by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman (which I haven’t gotten around to reading just yet but surely will soon). Confidence is one of the best assets any human could hope to have. From confidence spreads strength and love. It can turn whatever cards life deals you into a winning hand. Now that’s something I’m game for!

Image via Amazon

In keeping with that thought, I recommend The Eureka Factor (2015) by John Kounios and Mark Beeman. The book helps us understand the creative process, how we can nurture that in ourselves, and readily apply it to any area of our lives. Creativity isn’t for a select few. It’s for all of us. We just need to learn how to set it free from the dusty old lamp it comfortably hides in.

Image via Abe Books

What are your book recommendations for success?  (Let me know in the comments section!)

For a little taste of what you can expect popping up on your circle feed if you choose to join us Wonder Women, here’s a question that was posed this week: What are some of the simple pleasures that make you happy gals?

I thought about it…and my answer is quite simple.

Giving people hope- that’s what makes me happy. Sometimes I meet people that have let life turn them into shells of themselves…I love reminding them of their hopes or helping them discover what it is they hope for. It’s always a beautiful moment to see that light spread across their face.


To join the Wonder Women Unite circle on Lean In, click here. You have to create a free Lean In account, which can simply be done by logging in through your Facebook account or using your email. #leanintogether

Featured art via Pinterest. (I’m a Pinaholic, can’t be helped. You know you’re one too.)


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