Homer’s Odyssey: Adventure Time Style.

Featured art by whaddyawant on deviantart.

I’m currently rereading Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey as part of my prep work for the GRE Subject Test in Literature. The exam is only in April (ONLY she says) but between my MA degree completion and filling out the necessary paperwork for the PhD scholarships  I’m applying for (in various exciting new countries- can’t wait to see where the Fates take me)…April seems like tomorrow in my land. I came across this fabulous artwork (above) on deviantart showcasing Homer’s characters in Adventure Time style. Need I say more?


You can bet reading the poem is now going to be a bag fill of funpops for me. Somehow, Polyphemus doesn’t seem so terrifying anymore, right?

Out of all the characters though, Calypso is the one that steals my heart. Calypso, the devastatingly beautiful. Calypso, the cunning enchantress.

“I am all compassion,” she lies (5.212)

Calypso…the misunderstood (as far as I’m concerned). Okay, maybe witches/ goddesses/nymphs get a bad rep…


But they can be useful…


…when they want to be. Well…if you don’t get on their ‘ I want to destroy you.painfully.slowly.when you least expect it.’ list.

If I could rewrite The Odyssey, I’d probably keep Odysseus captive on the island of Ogygia with poor Calypso, and let her turn him immortal. However, hearts are rarely true, and so Odysseus abandons her for the greater good. Morals are important after all, and mixing mortal men with creatures of the Other side will never end well. Unless you’re Arwen and Aragorn I suppose.


For those of you attempting the GRE Subject Test in Literature, a cheat sheet to the characters in Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad can be found in : Cracking the GRE in English Literature Subject Test 6th Edition (Graduate School Test Preparation) by Princeton Review. But finding Adventure Time drawings to help you makes it eezy peezy livin breezy 😉


NB Exciting new updates next week for those interested in graduate study in the U.S. I’ll share some of my tips and the general application journey one can expect (mine is from a South African point of view but I’m sure the tips can apply across continents). For any readers from Commonwealth countries, later in the year I’ll be taking a look at the UK scholarship process.

Happy writing, reading and crazy daydreaming!



All GIFs via Giphy.


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    1. I remember how upset I was when they cast Orlando Bloom as Paris in the movie. Because Paris was a character I just couldn’t like in the book! I seem to prefer The Odyssey after giving rereads some many years of space 😀 Yeah, how can anyone NOT like Adventure Time, right? 🙂

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