Redesigned Book Cover

Using My Love of Stories To Develop My Copywriting Portfolio & Find Myself.

Original illustration & redesigned book cover by Kamalini Govender.

Redesigned Book Cover
A little snippet of work from my portfolio. I’m a Gaiman freak (that can’t be helped).


Whew. So after four months of extensive copywriting classes at Vega School of Brand Leadership in sunny Durban, I’m finally done with my creative portfolio. Funny enough, this blog started out as a contribution to that very same portfolio and yet it seems to have taken on a life of its own… you can rest assured I will still be here despite the end of my course. I’ve managed to learn a lot of ways to express my creative side and extend those things that spill out of my overly vibrant imagination. Yes I call it ‘overly vibrant’ because I’ve punched a few people over the decades for hurling ‘crazy weirdo with the overactive imagination’ at my face. I can’t help it…I started reading at an early age and spent my whole life lost in books and fantastical places.

How to get a date with me…


Gilmore Girls quote
Hold me back.

How not to…

Gilmore Girls quote

So during my Copywriting class, I was asked to find that one thing that sets me apart from others. How would I brand myself to potential clients and agencies? I didn’t even have to think about that one because I know what my ‘thing’ is. It’s been ‘my thing’ for a long time. I’m a storyteller. I’m inspired by words and things I read as a kid. I weave stories to survive, like a crafty Scheherazade trying to live one more night.

Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights Artwork by Kay Nielson.

So, what was supposed to be a PDF format of 5 concepts/ideas of copywriting for branding purposes turned out to be a website promoting my freelance skills. Hello my name is Kamalini and I’m an overachiever (much?). I have to say though, I had so much fun working on the website. Often frustrating, and required a lot of details and extra use of my brain…but it reminded me just how much I love stories and reading (which will be good fuel for tackling my looming  MA thesis).

If you’re interested in checking it out :

Kamalini Govender: Creative Portfolio

It’s a Wix site and may take a little longer to load. The mobile version is functional but the portfolio was designed particularly for desktop viewing. If you’re a bookworm, I challenge you to a guess-the-book by symbols that can be found on each page. There’s also a quote at the end of each page to help you out 😉

It’s really simple…taking things you’re passionate about and building your world around it. So as an extra challenge for readers on my blog, I ask you to find those things that make you unique. That brings you excitement. Or love. That makes you happy. Because life is too short for anything else!

be badass
Nothing’s more badass than finding your strengths. Artwork found on Rebloggy.

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Kamalini Govender

I'm that girl that looks badass in her black boots reading Gothic Psychoanalytic Lit but really just wants to pew pew pew with someone.

5 thoughts on “Using My Love of Stories To Develop My Copywriting Portfolio & Find Myself.”

  1. Oh my goodness there are truly no words for you and the awesomeness of amazing talent that makes you who you are. This is so amazing in so many levels and I’m so glad that the pressure of creating it is over with. But look at the payoff….man, I wish I could just hug you. I’m so proud of you and I’m rambling on because there are just no words. Way way to go my friend. You rock….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwwww 🙂 Thank you beautiful Moon Princess 🙂 I worked hard on it, despite everything going on around me at the moment, so to have someone truly enjoy it means so very much to me. Seriously. It makes me so happy when I can inspire, wow or nudge someone into seeing the magic in life. Hope you are well and your warrior crown is on strong 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You are very welcome and you do inspire me in many ways. As I started out with this blog, way back in my mind I wanted to become a writer. In a big part to you, this is not the case anymore and today your stories have inspired me so much that being a writer is simply not enough and it is a storyteller that I hope to become. There is magic in the stories and how they are told and I thank you with all my heart for nudging me onto this path.
    So as you see the warrior crown sits pretty strong right now since my chin is up. 😉
    How are you, besides having completed your portfolio? How is your health and everything else? I hope you have recovered and feeling stronger then ever. Xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That comment made me feel all glittery inside 🙂 Thank you hun! And your writing is truly taking on beautiful twists. I’m glad to be here to watch it as it stretches and transforms. I’m surviving…things are still all up in the air health wise but I’m trying to keep my own crown from falling off 😉 Nothing some beautiful photos of mountain hikes in a faraway land can’t fix 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And your comment made me smile really really big and I’m glad I could sprinkle some glitter dust into your heart.
        I meant every word as I develop and transform my style of which you inspire in a huge way. Thank you for that and thank you for seeing a difference in it. It’s the best motivation to keep stretching.
        Please take care of yourself and get well. Many hugs to you and keeping you close in my heart and prayer.

        Liked by 1 person

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