Dutch’s Quick How-To Guide on Dealing with Weirdos at Bars

Part of my Things We Can Learn from Fictional Characters series of posts. Because nothing beats a memorably written protagonist!

You know that feeling? You’re sitting with your friends at a bar laughing about the ridiculous things your colleagues said at work today or how you’re dreading an upcoming family gathering when all of a sudden some wise ass butts in to your conversation and tries to puff up their ego. Cue cricket noises and deafening lack of response here. But worry not! Now you can equip yourself with perfectly sassy comebacks thanks to our new favorite badass straight out of Syfy’s Killjoys.


Via Scifi Stream

She’s sassy. She’s sexy. And she’s got a tongue sharper than a Masamune Katana…perfect for those times you need to deal but don’t really feel like getting arrested.

Patrick Bateman
Via Pinterest

So before you pull out your axe, or whatever it is you keep in that bottomless purse of yours, let’s see how Killjoys’ Dutch can help save your night, shall we?

I’ve got some kickass tips you can follow here on Dutch’s Quick How-To Guide on Dealing with Weirdos at Bars. I’m trying out a wonderfully new geekfest platform called that can be used alongside WordPress…if you’re interested in superheroes, movies and have some nerdy things to get off your chest ( Written in Geek  I’m looking at you!) then it’s a great place to share your writing. I’m still figuring out the community, which seems a little harder to crack into in comparison to WordPress but I’ll keep you updated.

For now, check out my Dutch tips and let me know if you’ve ever used any of these to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Aaaaand let me know if it helps you 😉 #bebadass




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