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The Art of Storytelling With Jack Savoretti.

Jack Savoretti is an Italian-English singer songwriter that floods my YouTube playlists on a daily basis. While music is essential to my writing process, I thought I’d include a short post on the appeal and obvious benefits music can have on writers in general. Sometimes we come across a really beautiful story told to us by an inventive storyteller. He/she is able to evoke emotions, make us think, consider, act. Music, like purely written fiction, has this ability to move us. Jack Savoretti started off as a poet but turned to songwriting when he discovered his words had a more powerful resonance through a different artistic vehicle. He continues to paint poetic visions, but through a musical form.

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Jack Savoretti is a classic example of someone who utilizes the ancient tradition of oral storytelling, made more poignant by his acoustic sessions which claim the intimacy inherent in this timeless method of cultural exchange. The oral storyteller imparts a piece of himself and we as the audience or story-catchers receive it…allowing the story to work upon us according to our own experiences and knowledge. It is a reciprocal relationship. Much like the one we have when we read a text. The writer (storyteller) presents readers (story-catchers) with a story (fictitious or not), which we collect and use according to our needs. We may discard it, or we may hold on to it for dear life.

As writers and readers therefore, we are constantly weaving and being woven around words. Words are man made constructions to convey our feelings, thoughts and needs. Words join us to our fellow men and women. Our stories become essential components to our personal survival and that of the species. Without it, we lose much of ourselves. We become lost in a sea of mute faces. Unable to express all those things hidden inside ourselves.

So whether you’re a songwriter, a blogger or a serious writer… you are tapping into a human disposition towards survival. Your words and stories could be saving you through catharsis, or they could be saving someone else out there who just happens to catch them.

Write. Express yourself. And add to this human existence.

I’ve included a video of Jack Savoretti’s acoustic performance of his song ‘The Other Side of Love’. I particularly love the way he explores universal truths and lets it linger on your mind, one strum at a time.

As seen on the YouTube channel 3ème Gauche

How do you tell your story? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

Featured image found on the website Pop Matters .

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6 thoughts on “The Art of Storytelling With Jack Savoretti.”

  1. Beautiful and powerful. Thank you for sharing, I was not familiar with this artist and just from this one song, he has already captured a part of my heart.
    I once heard that music begins where words end to to combine both is a powerful thing. Music is essential for expressing ourselves and has always been a great part of my life as well. I believe there is a song / genre for every emotion and it is an escape to allow me to dream, celebrate or just feel good. I sometimes do tell my story through a song, the lyrics I relate to which seem to be more important now vs. the beat and the melody. I also express myself through my writing or my art / paintings mainly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Music is extremely powerful. I once had a conversation with someone who told me they don’t ever really listen to music unless others are playing it! I was horrified! Because for me, music is a part of my day like breathing is. I always have it on and it helps me through the good times and bad times. And it most definitely aids the writing process. I’ve had so many great creative bursts after listening to a lyric or feeling a melody. You should listen to more of Savoretti’s acoustic stuff. And I’m open to your musical recommendations! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! I’d love to see him perform live! You’re so lucky 🙂 He is indeed a gem. So many artists lack ‘soul’ these days and it’s refreshing to have a musician like him out there. Thank you so much for reading and for the follow 🙂


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